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SB7 Spirit Box: the first mass-produced Spirit Box

SB7 Spirit Box

The first generation SB7 Spirit Box, at its launch, became the world’s first mass-produced Spirit Box.  What is a spirit box?  Spirit Boxes are a relatively new (and some say controversial) tool in the modern ghost hunter’s toolbox.  The very first Spirit Box created, which was called ‘Frank’s Box’, was a custom-made version created by Frank Sumption in 2002.  Also know as a ‘Ghost Box’, Spirit Boxes are devices that are modified radio transmitters.  They use radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise that can be used by spirits to communicate with us. Spirit Boxes like the SB7 Spirit Box provide results similar that of an EVP recorder, but in real time.

The SB7 Spirit Box was first unveiled on October 30, 2009. It appeared on a Ghost Adventures show from the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum during which the renowned Chris Fleming used it SB7 to communicate with the other side. An updated version, the SB11 Spirit Box, was made available for purchase during 2014.

SB7 Spirit Box has advanced sweep

The SB7 Spirit Box scans two radio frequencies: AM and FM. The FM Sweep runs 100ms to 350ms and the AM Sweep runs 200ms to 500ms. They can each be scanned either forwards or backwards. There is also a seven step adjustable sweep rate and the volume of the output can be adjusted during your session.  Many earlier types of Spirit Box only scanned one radio frequency, which limited the amount of raw material that available for the spirits to use to communicate.

The SB7 Spirit Box also offers a proprietary high frequency synthetic noise or “white noise” that is distributed between frequency steps.

SB7 Spirit Box is portable and backlit for night-time use

Unlike older types, the SB7 Spirit Box is portable.  At nearly four inches tall and under 3 ounces, it’s the size and weight of a cell phone. The SB7 Spirit Box also comes with a bright backlit display, which makes working with the Spirit Box easy in the dark.

The Spirit Box, which uses three “AAA” batteries, has Black Portable Hard Case Cover Shell that provides protection from jostling and drops.

SB7 Spirit Box Pricing and Availability

The SB7 Spirit Box is available on this website.  An upgraded version of this tool, the SB11 Spirit Box, is also available.

SB7 Spirit Box Tips

    • You’ll need a digital voice recording device to record your sessions so that you can capture the spirit responses, which you may not hear during your session
    • Experiment with different sweep rates and also play with the forward and reverse sweep to better understand the SB7 Spirit Box and which sweeps work best for you.
    • The Spirit Box includes one 1-inch internal speaker. It’s a fine speaker but you may want high-quality audio so that you can better catch the words and other communications.  If so, we recommend the Altec Lansing Speaker, which is a high-quality and lightweight external speaker.


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