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Ghost Hunting Equipment: 8 must-have items

ghost hunting equipment must-haves

People spend thousands of dollars on equipment and others just a hundred or less. All have the same results in ghost hunting. Orbs, mists and voices captured on tape or film. You can ghost hunt with the most basic gear: a good tape recorder with an exterior microphone, a camera, a notepad and paper and a positive attitude. Ghost-hunting equipment does not have to break the bank.

You can also deepen your ghost hunt with more sophisticated ghost hunting equipment, many of which focus on detecting electro-magnetic field disturbances. So what are some of more advanced tools that can take you to the next level? Here are some suggestions for must-have pieces of ghost hunting equipment that you can use on your ghost hunting journey, whether you’re traveling to a notoriously haunted place like Gettysburg or just checking out things at home.

Ghost hunting equipment #1: Thermal Scanner

A thermal scanner is used to take temperature readings. It shoots out an infrared beam and takes an accurate reading up to twenty feet away. The best way to use it is when indoors, take readings of the floor, walls, ceiling and at different areas in a room. This gives you an idea of the range of temperatures as a guide to work from. Then while you sweep back and forth scanning a room and you get an abnormal reading, that’s when you will want to take some pictures.

When outdoors like in a cemetery, take readings of the grass, grave markers, trees and anything else that will come across the path of the beam. That will be your guide to work from. If you point the beam up in the air at nothing, you will get sudden drops in temperature and they can go below zero. This is due to the beam not being in contact with a surface and it wont give a proper reading.

Once you have established a basic temperature of your surroundings, any changes in temperature either up or down could be paranormal activity.

Ghost hunting equipment #2: Digital Voice Recorder

This is a core piece of ghost hunting equipment.  Digital voice recorders are best to use as they are compact and easy to carry in your pocket. They’re better than cassette recorders for a variety of reasons including the fact that, with a cassette recorder, you need an external microphone so you don’t record the internal sounds of the motor.  It’s also smart to take two recorders so if one malfunctions, you still have a back up. With two digital voice recorders, you can also see if your EVP recordings show up the same on both tapes. This rules out the possibility of defects in the machine being mistaken for ghost voices.

Ghost hunting equipment #3: Camcorder with Nightvision

The Sony Nightshot has built in infrared night vision, which makes it a great piece of ghost hunting equipment. With the built in illuminator, you can see in total darkness for up to fifteen feet. If you buy the external illuminator, this increases the field of vision up to one hundred feet in total darkness. These cameras seem to show the orbs flying through the air. You can plug it into a small monitor so everyone can see what I see through the viewer.

Ghost hunting equipment #4: Cameras

Some people like to use both a digital camera and a regular 35mm point and shoot. Both types of cameras capture paranormal images but its definitely a lot cheaper to download pictures from the digital camera than to pay to have all the rolls of film developed. However, there is a lot of controversy regarding digital cameras and ghost orbs but if you use common ghost photography protocol, you wont have any problems determining the orbs as real or mistakes.

Ghost hunting equipment #5: Two Way Radios

Two way radios are a good piece of ghost hunting equipment to have when you are investigating a large location and you need to communicate with each other from different areas. You can also use headsets so you don’t have to keep switching hands and equipment to talk. Its also a good feeling to be able to check on your friends and know they are all right when you can’t see them.

Ghost hunting equipment #6: Motion Detectors

These work well to monitor movement in a room or a hallway where ghostly activity is reported. This is ghost hunting equipment that is inexpensive and easy to operate. Set them up and if they go off, start snapping pictures. Yes, even ghosts set these off.

Ghost hunting equipment #7: Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Detector

Another valuable piece of equipment for ghost hunting. It is thought that ghosts live in the electromagnetic spectrum of our world. They use energy to grow and transform themselves. These devices monitor the energy in the general atmosphere of the location. They will let you know of any change in the magnetic field which suggests that there may be a ghost present.

Ghost hunting equipment #8: Flashlight

Since a lot of investigations happen in the dark, it’s essential to keep a flashlight with you. Locations that you will investigate, whether indoors or outdoors are sometimes without a light or electricity source. A sturdy flashlight will help you during these times.  In fact, you should always keep several with you in case your battery dies or is drained by a nearby ghost. This is one piece of ghost hunting equipment that is essential.

It’s also recommended that you use a flashlight with a red lens.  The typical clear lens is not a problem, but you minimize the chance of interfering with night vision when using a red lens.  In fact, a significant number of investigators swear by red lenses.  They say that that once they begin using them, they much prefer them and can’t imagine ever going back to using a clear flashlight lens.

Some other pieces of ghost hunting equipment that are great to have:

  • A Spirit Box like the SB11 Spirit Box, which helps you capture EVPs
  • Laser grid to detect shadow
  • Digital thermometer, to capture temperature fluctuations
  • Motion sensors, which a ghost could set off

Lastly, you will also need a few other necessities like batteries, note pads etc.


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