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The EMF meter: a key technology for hunting ghosts

Have you ever thought that you have been somewhere haunted?  Maybe you felt that tingle on the back of your neck that people associate with ghost sightings or maybe it was just a rumor of ghosts.  Either way if you want to find out if there is a ghost nearby consider using an EMF detector to find signs of ghosts.  The EMF meter is a key technological device (along with digital cameras, EMF recorders and Spirit Box) that has been used by the ghost hunting community for years.

What is an EMF meter?

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields which are produced by electrically charged objects.  An EMF meter is used to measure the fluctuation in the local electromagnetic fields.  The main reason to use an EMF meter is to diagnose problems with electrical wiring and power lines.  There are two types of electromagnetic fields, alternating current and direct current, EMF meters only measure alternating current.  One of the reasons that you may use an EMF meter is to determine whether or not electrical shielding is working properly or not.  For example, if a microwave is suspected of leaking, an EMF could be deployed to determine whether there is actually a leak or not.

Why Do Ghost Hunters Use EMF meters?

You may have seen a show like Ghost Hunters where they use little handheld meters to detect possible signs of ghosts.  These handheld meters are known as EMF meters.  The reason that ghosts are thought to trigger EMF meters is that it is commonly believed they hold their own electrical charge.

Many ghost hunters and those who have experienced hauntings report that there have been strong electromagnetic fields when they undergo their experiences.  One professor believes that the electromagnetic field that makes up the conscious mind does not go away when we die, instead it stays alive along with our specter.  It should be noted that while this may be an accepted idea in the ghost hunting community it has not been scientifically proven.  With ghost being a still unproven anomaly the ability to say an EMF meter can detect them does not exist.  Many websites that talk about this connect are those of paranormal hunters.

Because of this connection between ghosts and electromagnetic fields, an EMF meter would be an obvious choice as a tool to collect data.  If ghosts truly do possess an electromagnetic field, whenever they passed through a meter they would cause it to spike.  As long as you could get a meter to spike in a house that is rumored to be haunted then it can be said that you have found a level of proof.

A ghost hunter taking a reading with an EMF meter. Courtesy of LuckyLouie
A ghost hunter taking a reading with an EMF meter. Courtesy of LuckyLouie

What Else Gives Off EMF?

Just about anything that has an electrical charge gives off an electromagnetic field.  That means just about anything can trigger an EMF meter.  While you are hunting for ghosts if you walk under an unshielded light for example you will get an electromagnetic reading as long as there is power going through the wires.  For this reason whenever you plan to conduct a paranormal investigation using an EMF meter you should take several baseline readings of the house.  This way you will know anywhere that the meter will spike because of any normal reason such as power or electrical areas.

Because of the fact that other things will set off an electromagnetic field meter it cannot be the only device that you rely on.  If you get a hit that can be a good indicator to start investigating but it could be a random phenomenon.  Using another ghost hunting device could help you narrow down the investigation and back up your evidence to further prove that there could be a haunting.

While it is general believed among ghost hunters that EMF meters can be used to detect a haunting but there is very little evidence behind it.  For an EMF to be taken seriously for ghost hunting purposes it needs to have a solid scientific backing just like any other tool for any job that you undertake.  For now the use of an EMF meter can be considered a potential aid but it does not have a solid backing with which to claim you have found a ghost.  While you may not be able to claim that you have found a ghost it sure makes for an interesting theory though.

There is always the potential that down the road that EMF meters will be proven as devices that can detect ghosts.  There is a logic behind the theory because all living things give off some form of electromagnetic field.  If part of that is caused by or being sentient and our ghost has the ability to think and remember than it too should emit some kind of field just like our brain does when we are alive.


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  1. Do you have any recommendations for a first EMF reader? I’ve been looking online but can’t find any good reviews.

    1. Hi there, the TriField EMF meter is popular and one of the best available. It generally runs around $120. We plan to review and compare several EMF meters soon!

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