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19 Ghost Hunt Tips

Do you know the methods and techniques to conduct a proper Ghost Hunt?

A ghost hunt is conducted by a team of researchers, sometimes including a psychic or medium, embarking to gather evidence to prove or disprove claims or suggestions of a ghost or spiritual force. This is oftentimes done as a result of a person who requests help to validate or debunk claims of paranormal experiences.

You need to know how to conduct a ghost hunt before you embark on an investigation in a reportedly haunted location such as a home, graveyard or historical site.

Contact and train with an established organization in your area. This is the best way to learn how to conduct a ghost hunt – through experience with well-trained people that can show you the ropes. If there are no organizations available in your area with which you can enroll, it’s recommended that you buy books, watch videos, take classes and use the methods on this page before conducting an investigation.

Before starting your ghost hunt

  1. If you’re conducting a ghost hunt, interview the owners or managers of the location.

  2. Do some historical research of the property. Search Google and old newspapers at the local library to find out the location’s history. Did any deaths occur there? Any ghosts reported in the past?
  3. Take a tour of the property during the day, before your ghost hunt. This is important because there are dangerous places and obstacles that you may not see in the dark.

  4. Do not enter the property illegally.
  5. If you are conducting a ghost hunt on private property, be sure to get permission from the owners or holders. If you do not ask permission he may be detained by police for trespassing on the property. Also, when a cemetery investigation, you may want to tell any guards that you “taking pictures” on the property so that they know you are there.

  6. Be sure to bring identification during a ghost hunt such as a driver’s license. This is in case you are stopped and asked for identification by the police
  7. Never investigate alone. Another person can not only confirm what you saw, felt or heard during your ghost hunt.  Even more important, the other ghost hunter can help you if you are hurt somehow, perhaps after tripping over an item in the dark.

Eastern Cemetery ghost hunt. Photo: Kenneth Hornsby on flickr
Eastern Cemetery ghost hunt. Photo: Kenneth Hornsby on flickr

Procedures during the ghost hunt

Here is a condensed version of some of the most common ghost hunt procedures.

  1. Assign ghost hunting equipment to each investigator.
  2. If necessary, divide the ghost hunt group into teams. Each group should investigate certain areas and then move elsewhere to give another group the opportunity to investigate that area. This is a great opportunity to see if each group has the same experience and results.

  3. Choose a leader who speaks for all in case they come in contact with officials such as the police, journalists, homeowners.
  4. Before the group begins to investigate, take a moment to say a prayer or to bless the group. Most ghost hunt groups believe that there are evil entities as well as non-evil ghosts in many areas such as cemeteries. Take the time to say a prayer of protection and invite positive spirits to help and guide you.

  5. When you ghost hunt, make sure you carry protection with you.  It can be an amulet or item blessed to protect you according to your spiritual beliefs.
  6. Enter and walk around the property for 20 minutes. This is so you can acclimate to the environment and have a better ghost hunt. In addition, this helps ghosts to get used to their presence.

  7. Enter the start time, weather conditions and other relevant information.
  8. Note all areas that cause readings or false images.

  9. Set up stationary ghost hunt equipment such as cameras on tripods, your laser grid or motion detectors.
  10. Start your ghost hunt, taking multiple pictures and the EVPs you record on your digital recorder and with your Spirit Box. Verbally or on paper record every time something strange happens. For example, if the electromagnetic meter (EMF) records unusual readings, if the temperature fluctuates, or if you observe strange signals or sounds.

  11. Also note any thoughts or emotions in you that feel strange or out of place. When the investigation is completed consult colleagues about the similarities with respect to the readings or feelings in certain areas and at certain times.
  12. When the group has completed the investigation, tell spirits that they must remain there and can not follow you home. Tell them to remain there in the name of God.

Have you gone on a ghost hunt?  Are there any tips you would like to add, or stories you’d like to share?  

Let us know if you’ve conducted a ghost hunt at one of the houses featured in this Huffington Post story, 13 Real Life Haunted Houses And The Horror Stories That Go With Them!

Ghost of yesteryear. Photo: BADRS on flickr
Ghost of yesteryear. Photo: BADRS on flickr
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Laser Grid: a Ghost Hunting tool to drool over

The laser grid

It’s been a few years since we began ghost hunting, but already the technology has taken a huge leap forward. There are many items out there that can give you higher quality ghost hunting experience and stronger evidence of paranormal activity.  One of these new and innovative items is the laser grid.

In this video, you see a pair of paranormal anomalies traveling through a laser grid. This video was taken during a private investigation of a home in Louisville, KY. In the video, you see what appears to be two entities, one following the other.

How the laser grid works

Laser grids are used to detect entities that move in front of a stationary video camera.  A laser grid works by distributing a laser through an optical glass lens. The lens scatters the laser beam into patterns of light including a grid of dots. The pattern of the laser grid can be adjusted by turning the cap. A tripod-mounted video camera can then be set to monitor and film any movement within the laser grid pattern.  The laser grid is small and easy to carry to your next ghost hunt; it’s also easy to quickly set up. Just set up and ask the ghosts to disrupt the light or move across the area and cause the grid to move.

Since the camera isn’t moving (or the tripod on which it’s mounted), the only movement that can be recorded is of anything that moves across the stationary set of green laser dots, causing them to appear to have moved.

Laser Grids to detect shadow people

Laser grids can capture the presence and movement of ghosts or other visual disturbances during a ghost hunt investigation. This is especially helpful in cases where you may be dealing with shadow people. This is because the darkness of their form is much more likely to interrupt and be tracked by the light beams of the laser grid.

You’ve most likely seen the laser grid used on ghost hunting television shows. A recent episode of Ghost Hunters showed the laser grid being used to detect the presence of spiritual entities. The result? The recording of the laser grid revealed the distinct outline of a shadow person walking through the targeted area. The lights visibly bended as they landed on a dark and possibly semi-physical presence that passed through the grid. This is something a standard camera probably would not have been able to catch on it’s own!

Do’s and Don’ts for using a laser grid during your ghost hunt

  • Do make sure everything is stable. The laser grid is designed to detect movement. For that reason, it’s important that it isn’t moving itself. You need to make sure that you are using a stable video camera and tripod that won’t wobble or move while being used or if a person is walking nearby. The slightest movement will corrupt your data since the dots will look like they have moved when they haven’t.
  • Don’t cast the laser on movable objects. Since the laser grid is being used to track any movement of entities through the area, make sure to only cast the light on non-moving objects like walls or furniture. Do not let the light fall on curtains, flags, fabric or other items that could change their position due to air movement.
  • Do keep the laser out of everyone’s eyes. According to the FDA“The light energy from a laser pointer aimed into the eye can be more damaging than looking directly into the sun. In addition, the startling effect of a bright beam of light aimed at someone driving a car or operating other machinery can cause serious accidents.”  For that reason, make sure to use a lower-powered laser (5mW), which has less potential to cause damage.  Also, don’t let the laser shine into your eyes, into the eyes of other people or pets.  This will ensure that you operate a safe ghost hunt.
  • Do make sure to buy a laser grid with a clamp. It’s key that you buy a laser grid with a clamp. This will allow you to keep the laser’s “on button” off whenever needed..

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Have you used a laser grid?  If so, did it help your investigation?

laser grid - ghost hunting device
laser grid – ghost hunting device