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What is an EVP?

Electronic Voice Phenomenon or Etheric Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is the recording of the voices of the dead through a device such as a cassette recorder or a digital recorders. However, people have also received EVP messages through phone and or answering machines! Sometimes white noise and static is provided for the the dead to manipulate and ‘speak’. Typically, these communications are not heard until the recording is played back.

Sarah Estep, founder of the AA-EVP has developed a three-level classification system for these recordings that takes into account the quality of the recording:

  • CLASS A: A Class A EVP is one that everyone can easily hear and agree upon. Headphones are not needed to decipher these communications as they are very clear and loud.
  • CLASS B: Class B is almost as good as a Class A EVP. You can hear all of the words but a few of them may be warped or inaudible.  This is the most common type caught.
  • CLASS C: This type is faint and hardest to hear. You likely need headphones to hear these EVPs. It may sound like a whisper and the words are difficult to make out. Sometimes the listeners disagree at first about what the words or phrases actually are saying.

History of EVP recordings

Thomas Alva Edison believed that an electronic device could be built to  communicate with people who had crossed over. He believed that if spirits could be captured on film, why not electronically. Edison announced in the October 1920 issue of Scientific American that he was working on such a device, but it was never completed. Edison  died in 1931 leaving behind no machine or blueprints.

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In the 1950’s, while recording a Gregorian chant on a magneto phone, Father Emetti (Catholic priest, scientist, physicist and philosopher), captured a voice responding to a question that he asked of his dead father. He was able to repeat this phenomena. The voice recorded even used a nickname only his father called him.  Father Emetti was disturbed by this, he would then seeked counsel of Pope Pius XII in Rome. The Pope assured him he had no reason to worry if the phenomena was in fact real. In 1965 Konstantin Raudive a professor of psychology. Began documenting words recorded on audiotapes. Between 1965 and 1974; he, with the help from a physicist and an electronics expert, made over 100,000 audiotapes under strict conditions. He published their findings in a book called “Breakthrough.”

From the 1970s until present day, Marcello Baci of Italy has been conducting Instrumental Trans-communication Voice (ITC) research in his laboratory. His ITC experiments, he uses Direct Radio Voice Method (DRV). This method obtains abnormal communications directly through the speakers of radios. These voices seem to acknowledge listeners by name, also respond to questions, and at times providing important information.

Precautions when recording an EVP

Recording EVPs is not for everyone.  Keep these precautions in mind when tryint to capture an EVP

  • It is very important to have a positive attitude when recording. Remember, positive will attract positive.
  • Always protect yourself when recording. Imagine that you are surrounded by for example: a bubble, spiral, etc whatever you feel most comfortable with. Make sure your intent is good.
  • You should say a power of protection, aloud, before you start recording. Here is an example “I surround myself with the white light of protection, only the highest spirits with good intent may contact or enter my aura.”
  • Do not accept any unfriendly, vulgar or threatening EVP. If you receive a negative EVP, delete this message and tell them, aloud, that you will not tolerate messages of this kind. Tell them that you will only speak with spirits who have good intent.