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Spirit Box – a device to help spirits talk to you

The Spirit Box, which is also called a Ghost Box, is a device that has revolutionized the way ghost hunters have been able to communicate and understand the other side. The Spirit Box is a device that produces white noise and, through the white noise, words and sentences audibly pop through to answer questions that you may ask of the ghost(s). These words are EVPs, or Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Unlike other ghost hunting tools, which you have to return to so you can analyze the footage or recording, the Spirit Box delivers results in real time. Many ghost hunters are shocked by the number and quality of responses they receive from the Spirit Box. Since there are spirits around us at all times, your Spirit Box can help you communicate at any time and in any place.

In addition to using the Spirit Box to communicate with ghosts, some say they use the Box to communicate with angels and even extraterrestrials (ETs).

Like other tools for communicating with the other side (ouija boards, pendulums), the Spirit Box is not a toy. It should be used by people that know how to use the device and who are trained in how to handle themselves in any spiritual situation.

How does a Spirit Box work?

A Spirit Box is an AM/FM radio that has been reworked so that it scans the range of stations non-stop. It is powered by a random circuit of voltage. This creates the white noise as well as the bits of audio that pop through. It’s believed that ghosts manipulate the stream of audio to create words, phrases, even sentences.

Who invented the Spirit Box?

In 1920, Thomas Alva Edison told both The American Magazine and Scientific American that he had been engaged with the thought of creating something to communicate with the other side. In American Magazine, he said:

“I have been at work for some time building an apparatus to see if it is possible for personalities which have left this earth to communicate with us.”

However, Edison died in 1931 before creating a Spirit Box. The Ghost Box we know was invented in 2002 by an EVP enthusiast, Frank Sumpton.
Since its creation, the first Ghost Box has evolved to include both AM radio and FM radio, to sweep through frequencies more quickly, and to lower the white noise so that the EVPs can be heard more clearly.

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Where can I get a Spirit Box?

Currently, there are only two types of mass produced types of Spirit Box in existence. They are the SB7 Spirit Box and the SB11 Spirit Box, both available on this website. The Spirit Box was designed by Gary Galka, an innovator who sought to communicate with his beloved daughter who had crossed over.

Several other Spirit Box devices are in development. Among them the PRD-1000 by Chicago Spirit Wave and The White Box by Greg Manchester.

What are some tips for using the Spirit Box?

  • Be Prepared – Before the session, have an idea of what you’ll want to ask and how. Will you ask about the location? About a particular person? About the entity that is communicating? And will you and your group take turns asking questions?
  • Bring Batteries – how much would it stink if your Ghost Box died in the middle of a session? Bring extra batteries!
  • Be Sober – Do not use drugs or alcohol while using the Ghost Box as it can impair your abilities as well as attract negative or confused entities
  • Be Protected – Protect yourself spiritually before beginning the session. Although not common, you want to do what you need to in order to prevent a spirit attachment. You can do this through prayer beforehand according to your faith. If you are using the Ghost Box outside an investigation, consider burning sage in order to cleanse the space and keep away negative entities.
  • Begin the Session – Some like to state their intent and/or call out to specific spirits to begin the session.
  • Be Professional – Treat the spirits with respect even if they are not friendly
  • Bring Speakers – Use an external speaker with your Spirit Box so you can hear better
  • Record the Session – Make sure you have a separate digital recorder to tape the Q&A session. You’ll receive communication during the session, but can also download and listen to the recording to see if you catch anything new.
  • Close the Session – Close your session by informing nearby spirits that the spirit box is being turned off, the portal is being closed and that they cannot linger around.

Good luck!