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EVP recorder buying guide: let’s catch some ghost communications!

It doesn’t take expensive equipment to record EVPs.  Here are a few examples of different types of EVP recorders, but the one you chose it will come down to your personal preference.  There is also lots of other equipment that can be used, but these are a few of the most popular.

EVP recorder types

  • Cassette Recorders (aka Analog Recorders): As the name says, this one uses cassette tapes on which to record. There are 2 most popular types of cassette EVP recorders: the ones that use regular size tape cassettes and the ones that use micro cassette tapes. Keep in mind that, although cassette recorders are generally cheaper than digital recorders, they require an external microphone. This is because the sound of the wheels in the machine can add unwanted sound.  You also have to remember to buy lots of tapes. You should only use brand new cassette tapes and never use one again after you have already recorded on it!  I suggest opening the cassette tape you plan on using after you have gotten to your recording destination.  That way, you will know that it is an unused cassette and if anyone is watching you, they will know that there are no pre-recorded messages on the tape you use for your EVP recording.
  • Digital Recorders:  This has become the most popular types of EVP recorder.  They do not require cassettes or an external Mic.  Once big advantage that digital recorders have over cassette recorders is that they can record up to hundreds of hours of time, even on the smallest recorder. However, they do require a computer to download and save your recordings. You can also find digital EVP recorders that are smaller and lighter than microcassette recorders. And since there are no moving cassette wheels, you don’t need an external microphone. And finding specific parts of your EVP sound file are alot easier – no more need to rewind or fast-forward!  The downside with digital EVP recorders is that they are oftentimes more expensive than cassette recorders.
  • Computer Recordings:  This type of recording is done completely on your computer. You need a microphone for your computer and some software on your computer that you can record.  All you do is record on the software and listen back to see if you got any messages from spirits!
The TAPS team on a ghost hunt with an EVP recorder
The TAPS team on a ghost hunt with an EVP recorder

Companion products for your EVP recorder

This is a list of products that, partnered with your digital EVP recorder, will improve the quality of your EVP sessions.

  • Spirit Box: an EVP recorder with a Spirit Box are like fries with ketchup: they go together perfectly!  With the Spirit Box, you provide the ghosts with a tool to create the EVP, which you then capture with the EVP recorder.  Two Spirit boxes we recommend are the SB7 Spirit Box and the SB11 Spirit Box.
  • External Microphone:  This is required if you are using a cassette tape recorder to cut out some of the mechanical noise the recorder makes.
  • Headphones:  These are required to hear the Class B or Class C EVPs.  I suggest getting the ones that cover the whole ear because they seem to keep more external sounds out while listening to your recordings.
  • Computer:  I suggest that you use a computer when analyzing what you caught with your EVP recorder.  It makes it possible to edit the lower quality EVPs and enhance them.
  • USB cable or Audio cable:  These cables are used to connect your EVP recorder to your computer.  They are very important and rather easy to use.
  • Software:  If you use a digital recorder it is important to get software to download your EVPs onto your computer.  It is also a good idea to get some sort of editing software to enhance the softer EVPs.
  • Voice Denoiser.  You can also use a Voice Denoiser to remove ambient sounds from your EVP recorder files.
  • Batteries:  These are very important!!!!!  You should always have extra batteries around while recording.  Spirits sometimes drain brand new batteries in seconds, so it is always good to have extras around because this would be a perfect time for recording!
  • Journal:  It is a good idea to keep a journal, not only while recording but also while editing. When recording, you can keep a log on the conditions of the area and any background noises that occur so as not to get confused and mistake them for EVPs on playback.  While editing, it is good to mark in the journal any noises or voices you hear during playback and note their time on the recording, how long the noise lasts, and what you believe the noise or voice is.  Then you can flip through the journal anytime and find the info you are looking for.

Are there any items missing from the list above that you like to use with your EVP recorder?  If so, share this info in the Comments section below.

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Do ghosts exist? 9 Reasons they hang around

Generally, we can say that there are two types of spirits:

  1. Those who go to cross over to the other side directly after death – these are the majority of spirits
  2. Those who are lost or choose not to go to the light – these are a minority and are what we call ghosts

Here are nine (9) reasons why do ghosts exist, choosing not to cross over.

Do ghosts exist? Reason #1: Belief they’re still alive

One reason that you may encounter a spirit may be that it fails to realize, or refuses to believe, that it has died. This can often seem to be the case, but not always. It is assumed that if one suffers a sudden or unexpected death, in disbelief, they may not pass on to the dimension they are supposed to go to even if it is what is called ‘Heaven’ by many. Denial or not being aware may be the key to someone remaining behind.

The tendency appears to be that they will continue to go about their daily lives as though nothing happened. There are documented cases of this instance. Take for example; a mother dies unexpectedly, obviously she would want to be home with her family. Soon, the family begins to notice strange things. They wake up one morning and the dishes have been moved to the sink. Or the aroma of Mom’s perfume permeates the house on occasion. Cases like this, coupled with the repeated documentation of similar haunting activity has reinforced the theories of denial or unawareness.

Do ghosts exist? Reason #2: Attachment to a location or object

Some spirits, seemingly exhibit their inability to let go of places or objects to which they have an emotional attachment. Some say this can be the case with ghost pets as well. For some ghosts, it could be a location that brought them much joy in life or a gift that had special meaning to them.

Do ghosts exist?  Credit: Carina Flickr
Do ghosts exist? Credit: Carina Flickr

Do ghosts exist? Reason #3: Attached to the living

A great love for someone is another reason why do ghosts exist. Love can prevent a spirit moving on to the other side. Some spirits feel compelled to continue their role as a protector of a living person. An example might be the parent who remains to watch over their children.  

Some spirits remain or return to communicate messages of hope to those they left behind. A surviving loved one’s excessive grief can keep the spirit of the deceased from crossing over. The ghost sees the grief and keeps from moving on because of the pain that their death has caused. They may feel that as long as they stay close to the survivor that is grieving, they can help alleviate the situation. After some time, the earthbound spirit may realize that their remaining earthbound is not helping the situation. They may choose to leave or to stay. For that reason, it is important that even when we are grieving a loved one’s death, we must communicate to them that it is time for them to cross over. Once they crossover, they are free to return to visit loved ones that are still alive.

On the flip side, a ghost may also remain if it harbors anger against someone who is still alive. In these cases, they may seek some sort of vengence.

Do ghosts exist? Reason #4: Attached to another ghost

Each spirit has free will and can only be attached to another ghost if they believe they must. An example might be an abusive man who dies before his wife. After she dies, if she believes the ghost of her husband still has control over her, that perception may keep her from crossing over.

Do ghosts exist? Reason #5: Unfinished Business

We all have outstanding issues such as promises we’ve made to other people or things we’ve wanted to accomplish. If we carry this sense of responsibility with us after death, it can prevent us into the Light. We all have to learn to let things go at some point, particularly when it’s time to cross over.

Do ghosts exist? Reason #6: Guilt

A spirit, to see the effect of their actions on the loved ones may feel guilty about the choice they made. They may be afraid to cross over. This is most common with the spirits of those that have committed suicide.

Do ghosts exist?  Credit: Badrs Flickr
Do ghosts exist? Credit: Badrs Flickr

Do ghosts exist? Reason #7: Violence

It is suggested that spirits, just as the living, often feel the need for justice. Seemingly, a ghost will try and communicate to the living in search of justice, sometimes leading to their killer. There is a documented case of a ghost of a woman who, every morning, would be seen searching for something at the edge of a field. After witnessing this several times, the landowners wondered why does this ghost exist. They decided to follow her. She led them to a stream in a wooded area nearby. From a distance, they saw her bend over as if reaching for something. After she had gone, the men went over to investigate. They turned up a rusty gun lying in the stream. The gun was traced back to a man who lived on an adjacent property and later admitted having killed his wife. Upon this resolution, the apparition was never seen again. It is believed that she can now rest in peace.

Do ghosts exist? Reason #8: Do not believe in the afterlife

If a ghost does not believe there is a place where we go after death, it can remain stuck on this plane of existence.  Similarly, some ghosts realize they are dead, but are afraid to move on for fear that they will cease to exist.

Do ghosts exist? Reason #9: Profound fear of judgment

A spirit can believe that if there is a place of light, there must be a place of darkness. The fear that they could end up in the darkness (called ‘Hell’ by some) is powerful enough to keep them from crossing over.

When you encounter a ghost, you have to choice to help them cross over or not. You are free to decide what to do. In the case of wanting to help, please visit The Soul Rescue Site for information on how to get these souls back on track.

Are there any reasons missing from this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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The EMF meter: a key technology for hunting ghosts

Have you ever thought that you have been somewhere haunted?  Maybe you felt that tingle on the back of your neck that people associate with ghost sightings or maybe it was just a rumor of ghosts.  Either way if you want to find out if there is a ghost nearby consider using an EMF detector to find signs of ghosts.  The EMF meter is a key technological device (along with digital cameras, EMF recorders and Spirit Box) that has been used by the ghost hunting community for years.

What is an EMF meter?

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields which are produced by electrically charged objects.  An EMF meter is used to measure the fluctuation in the local electromagnetic fields.  The main reason to use an EMF meter is to diagnose problems with electrical wiring and power lines.  There are two types of electromagnetic fields, alternating current and direct current, EMF meters only measure alternating current.  One of the reasons that you may use an EMF meter is to determine whether or not electrical shielding is working properly or not.  For example, if a microwave is suspected of leaking, an EMF could be deployed to determine whether there is actually a leak or not.

Why Do Ghost Hunters Use EMF meters?

You may have seen a show like Ghost Hunters where they use little handheld meters to detect possible signs of ghosts.  These handheld meters are known as EMF meters.  The reason that ghosts are thought to trigger EMF meters is that it is commonly believed they hold their own electrical charge.

Many ghost hunters and those who have experienced hauntings report that there have been strong electromagnetic fields when they undergo their experiences.  One professor believes that the electromagnetic field that makes up the conscious mind does not go away when we die, instead it stays alive along with our specter.  It should be noted that while this may be an accepted idea in the ghost hunting community it has not been scientifically proven.  With ghost being a still unproven anomaly the ability to say an EMF meter can detect them does not exist.  Many websites that talk about this connect are those of paranormal hunters.

Because of this connection between ghosts and electromagnetic fields, an EMF meter would be an obvious choice as a tool to collect data.  If ghosts truly do possess an electromagnetic field, whenever they passed through a meter they would cause it to spike.  As long as you could get a meter to spike in a house that is rumored to be haunted then it can be said that you have found a level of proof.

A ghost hunter taking a reading with an EMF meter. Courtesy of LuckyLouie
A ghost hunter taking a reading with an EMF meter. Courtesy of LuckyLouie

What Else Gives Off EMF?

Just about anything that has an electrical charge gives off an electromagnetic field.  That means just about anything can trigger an EMF meter.  While you are hunting for ghosts if you walk under an unshielded light for example you will get an electromagnetic reading as long as there is power going through the wires.  For this reason whenever you plan to conduct a paranormal investigation using an EMF meter you should take several baseline readings of the house.  This way you will know anywhere that the meter will spike because of any normal reason such as power or electrical areas.

Because of the fact that other things will set off an electromagnetic field meter it cannot be the only device that you rely on.  If you get a hit that can be a good indicator to start investigating but it could be a random phenomenon.  Using another ghost hunting device could help you narrow down the investigation and back up your evidence to further prove that there could be a haunting.

While it is general believed among ghost hunters that EMF meters can be used to detect a haunting but there is very little evidence behind it.  For an EMF to be taken seriously for ghost hunting purposes it needs to have a solid scientific backing just like any other tool for any job that you undertake.  For now the use of an EMF meter can be considered a potential aid but it does not have a solid backing with which to claim you have found a ghost.  While you may not be able to claim that you have found a ghost it sure makes for an interesting theory though.

There is always the potential that down the road that EMF meters will be proven as devices that can detect ghosts.  There is a logic behind the theory because all living things give off some form of electromagnetic field.  If part of that is caused by or being sentient and our ghost has the ability to think and remember than it too should emit some kind of field just like our brain does when we are alive.


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